Breaking all Cash flow hurdles - one by one

An End-to-End Solution

Collecting receivables is the first activity impacting cash flows for any company. 

It is a problem with many friction points such as sending invoices and reminders to customers, accepting a continually expanding set of payment methods, getting paid in a timely manner, and following-up judiciously on late payers . 

Swittle is an innovative and secure platform that addresses these challenges holistically.  The platform offers invoice presentment and management, comprehensive payment options, as well as attractive and convenient financing solutions for you and your customers.  



Present your invoices directly to your customers or make them available in their digital banking channels.


Whether on the Swittle portal or app, or our partners’ network, your customers pay anywhere any time.


Maximize chances of getting paid by accepting cash, card, fund transfers, digital wallets and more.


Automate your reminders before the due date. Customize your messaging for late payers. 


Eliminate lengthy and error-prone reconciliations. Handle exceptions like a pro.


Provide installment options to facilitate the payment of large invoices, or get your invoices cashed in advance. 


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